Mar 31, 2009

Photography Themes Galleries

This is a compilation of the various beautiful and amazing galleries I found showcasing the best photographs following a specific theme.

Image by Gundross

In stark contrast to the glitz and glamour of the city lies the dark and grungy beauty of urban decay.

Some photographers do not like bad weather but some bask in them. These photographers were able to capture the drama and atmosphere that one is unable to extract from good weather.

Even if night photography is very technical and challenging in nature, you will be rewarded with beautifully lit buildings with light trails, fireworks, lightning strikes and star trails to name a few.

Image by Blake Andrews

Capturing the decisive moment is the mantra followed by street photographers. As a result, I have very deep respect for them who are able to visualize the image in their minds, compose on the fly, and capture the right moment in the nick of time.

Reflective surfaces surround us thus we can use them to create surreal / abstract photographs or provide a creative depth to images.

Underwater Photography Gallery

Image by Eldad Hagar

Due to the high cost of specialized equipment for underwater photography and the requisite advanced techniques, only a handful of photographers are able to attempt and become successful in this field. On the other hand, amidst these challenges, a photographer will be introduced to a stunning new world of strange creatures and breathtaking ethereal vistas.

Cameras do not just freeze time. Controlling the shutter speed enables you to creatively create images that depict motion and the sense of motion or speed.

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