Oct 4, 2009

Loco Roco 2: Mui Mui Crane

This is the location in the Mui Mui House where you will unlock the Mui Mui Crane. It is located in the upper right side of the house. In order to build it, you need the following parts:

2 Curly Tree Branch
3 Superhard Panel
2 Meteorite Fragment
500 Pickories

You can get the Curly Tree Branch from the Bui Bui Forts (1 and 2), the Superhard Panel if ever you encounter and destroy a Bui Bui plane, and the Meteorite Fragment is a common item that you can easily find in the various stages.

Once you built the Crane, it will move out of the Mui Mui House. When you exit the house back to the World Map, you will find the Crane near the Tropuca stages. It has become a mini-game where, for 100 pickories, you can grab unique items. Randomly while playing the mini-game, the Mui Mui Crane will be replaced by the bigger Bui Bui Crane.

One of the most important use of the Crane is you can get here the Mui Mui Friends which you need to get the maps for the Lab Counter. This will be the topic for my next post.

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  1. Thanks for the info.
    And, above all, thanks for the places in which you find the items :).