Oct 4, 2009

Loco Roco 2: Mui Mui House

My Mui Mui House. Click image to enlarge.

I have been playing the PSP game Loco Roco 2, everyday, for almost 6 months now and I have not finished unlocking all of the secret stuffs. That's how deep the game is compared to its first incarnation.

My favorite and most played feature of the game is the Mui Mui House. You will need to gather specific materials to unlock specific areas, parts and furnitures of the house. These areas will eventually unlock additional stages or mini-games in the game.

The only thing left right now in my Mui Mui House is the Juice Server. Well that is unless something is unlocked again after I completed all the parts. Unfortunately I do not have the patience yet to get the honey material from the darn bees because they are just so hard to get.

I'll provide detailed information in later posts on how to unlock the critical parts of the house to get access to the mini-games and additional game stages.

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