Oct 4, 2009

Loco Roco 2: Lab Counter

This is the location in the Mui Mui House where you will unlock the Mui Mui Lab Counter. It is located in the basement of the house. In order to build it, you need the following parts:

1 Ancient Tableau
2 Cheranka Tree
2 Thorn Fragment
300 Pickories

You can get the Ancient Tableau from the Mui Mui Crane, CaloCaro stages 1 and 2 (seldom though in stage 1), the Cheranka Tree is a common item that you can easily find in the various stages, and the Thorn Fragment from the Mui Mui Crane and in Tropuca stage 2 or other stages where you find the item insect.

Once you built and clicked on this house part (to click, press the button X when an exclamation point appears while placing the pointer on top of the counter), you will be able to see 4 maps that also require 3 parts. These are listed below.

Bumpy Map (Maps 1 -3)
Coarse Map (Maps 1-3)
Smudged Map (Maps 1-3)
Soggy Map (Maps 1-3)

This is the process that is still sketchy for me but as you complete other parts of the house (I am not able to document which are these parts and using Google will unfortunately return little information), some of the map parts will unlock. You will also be able to get these map parts once you get the Mui Mui Friends from the Mui Mui Crane.

Listed below are the new stages that will be unlocked once the map parts are completed. To unlock the new stage, press the button X when an exclamation point appears while placing the pointer on top of the completed map parts list.

Bumpy Map -> Perculoka 2
Coarse Map -> Jaojab 3
Soggy Map -> Kelapton 2
Smudged Map -> Buibui Fort 3

These 4 stages are the most difficult stages that I encountered. In the original stages, not even once did my Loco Roco died. In two of the stages, dying is the norm not the exception. The other 2 stages require logic, eye-hand coordination and abstract thinking. I have described below what you can expect from these stages.

Perculoka 2
This is the easiest among the four. You just need to bounce your Loco Roco properly and avoid jumping in the water. Once you are in the water, you will be directed to the end of the stage.

Jaojab 3
You need to think ahead in order to assess where you need to go in this "rotating" stage. If you think you are stuck, you definitely are.

Kelapton 2
A steady eye-hand coordination is required in this stage. I am almost at the last part. Almost!

Buibui Fort 3
If you are a masochist, this is the stage for you. I'm always dead in the first 10 seconds that's why I stopped playing this stage. There must be something wrong with my eye-hand coordination or the stage is just so frustratingly difficult!

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