Feb 28, 2010

New Year, New Focus, New Projects

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It took me a long time staring at the window and waiting for something before being able to post this, a new posting after three months and my first for the new year, 2010.

Why the hiatus? Admittedly, a question had been plaguing my mind for several months now. How can I make this blog unique and stand out amidst the more than 130 million plus blogs (as of January 2009) out there? Because of this question, I suffered from paralysis by analysis in my quest to find the answers.

After reading through several blogs about blogging, I came across two articles from Problogger which inspired me and helped me unstuck myself from this rut.

Principles of Successful Blogging – Confessions of a ProBlogger
What Are You Taking For Granted That Might Be Useful to Others?

As a result, even if I still do not have a clear answer to my question above, I thought it would be better if I'll be moving along and continue my blogging activities, moving rather than standing idly waiting for rhyme and reason. As Kahlil Gibran aptly said, "A little knowledge that acts is worth infinitely more than much knowledge that is idle."

What are my plans then for this year? Well for starters, I have been toying around the idea of my own version of lists and I already have a couple in mind. In addition to this, I am preparing to take the PMP exam and I am planning to share tips, lessons learned and best practices that I will be amassing along the way.

I am raring to blog this year and it is great to be back! =)

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