Jul 31, 2011

5 Top Galleries of Stunning Macrophotography Shots

Macrophotography will always have a special place in my heart. Even if I stopped taking pictures (temporarily that is), I still have my Canon 100mm macro lens. Likewise, I constantly search for galleries showcasing the best macro photography shots to admire the beauty of the unseen parts of nature. i have listed below the top 5 galleries I have found so far.

From Smashing Magazine:
25 Beautiful Macro Photography Shots
35 Examples Of Stunning Macro Photography

Macro photography. The best of the best (85 pics)

43 Of The Extremely Creative Wonders Of Macro Photography

30 Best Macro Photography Shots

Shameless advertising as well, I have included one of my favorite macrophotography shots that I have previously taken when I was still active.

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