Jan 21, 2009

Digital Interconnectedness

I was reflecting on President Obama's inauguration speech when a thought suddenly hit me. I immediately browsed the Web to help validate my thoughts and found, staring me in the eye, what I was looking for.

President Obama's Inauguration Day was the ultimate showcase of our interconnectedness, of how unified and interdependent had we become through the digital ecosphere. I looked at my Facebook contacts and most of the statuses, updates and events revolved around the Inauguration. I browsed through Flickr's latest photos and they revolved around the same topic. I checked my Twitter account and it was flooded with Inauguration-themed tweets. The latest posted topics to the blogs I subscribed to all pointed to the same thing. I think I just barely scratched the surface here with the sites I mentioned. There are tons of other sites which provided news, photos, videos, feedbacks, opinions, what-have-yous about the Inauguration.

What I am driving at here is I feel never have been at any point in time that we have become so interconnected this way, unified with a purpose, and connected and communicated via the digital ecosphere. I am very excited on what all of these means for us and our future. Actually, I cannot still fathom the full impact of this global interconnectedness and the possibilities and opportunities in store for the future. This was indeed a historic day!

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