Jan 21, 2009

Visual Guides to the Financial Crisis

data flood
Image from Microsoft Office Clipart

Ever since I read the amazing book, Information Architects edited by Richard Saul Wurman, more than a decade ago, I had become a proponent of information architecture whose main goal is to make the complex clear. This goal has become quite overtly critical in our era where we are all drowning from floods of data.

In this regard, I have been on the constant lookout for publications, online and in print which adhere to the tenets and principles of information architecture. While browsing through the Mint's blog, I found two incredible and visually stunning articles about the Financial Crisis. Part One dealt about what brought America to the current financial crisis up to the government Bailout. Part Two described how the bailout would be funded and how it should have been funded according to experts.

These two articles are good reading materials regarding the current financial crisis but on top of that, and the most important from my point of view, these are excellent and beautiful examples of information architecture. Kudos to Mint!


  1. Agreed on Wurman. He's one of our research advisors. You may be interested in this video of him - he spoke at our annual collaborative innovation summit last year. It's an onstage interview with BusinessWeek's Bruce Nussbaum. Trip and a half :)

    Enjoy - http://tinyurl.com/7797j7

    Cheers, Chris Flanagan

  2. Thanks Chris for visiting my blog and sharing your thoughts as well. Thanks too for sharing the link and videos. Great stuffs! Much appreciated. =)