Jan 22, 2009


image from Mediation from Darkness to Light

This is a by-product of my reflections on the ideas I put forth in my last post regarding digital interconnectedness. My initial reflections revolved around the story of the blind men and an elephant, on how reality is perceived based on each individual's perspectives, that reality may be is an amalgam of these various perspectives.

In lieu with these thoughts, what if a service is developed which unifies all sources of these "perspectives" and aggregate them in order to come up with a single, unified viewpoint for "reality." Imagine this service crawling and mining all possible websites and show the information gathered in a single, unified, synthesized form.

To use as a metaphor, the closest that we have right now to this service is Microsoft's Photosynth. Through this program, all photos related to a specific subject are synthesized to come up with a unified, 3D-dimensional, 360-degrees experience about the subject. Here's an example, Photosynths of President Obama's inauguration.

Imagine the same thing but besides images you are dealing with all other forms of data (e.g. text, videos). This service will mine all websites such as blogs, mini-blogs, social networking sites, news headlines and the like and synthesize all these information into a unified, 3D-dimensional representation. This will be very powerful indeed and I think quite scary in the sense that, let's say, you search for Din Cordero. The results will pretty much give you a unified picture of who am I in "3D glory." Not a pretty picture if I imagine it. LOL!

I am pretty sure that someone, somebody out there may have already thought about this idea as well. If you can point me to the right direction or in even to a service that is already developed similar to what I described above, I will definitely highly appreciate it.

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