Aug 27, 2009

Time Management Tools for Busy Managers Part 1

One of my primary goals this year is to manage my time more efficiently in order to be more productive. I currently handle several projects, too many to count since I am too busy LOL.

Kidding aside, I wear two hats right now. The first hat is that of an operations manager, ensuring that my team is meeting the day-to-day SLAs and metrics for the various tasks assigned to us. The second hat is that of a strategist working through business development opportunities in order to further expand the empire so to speak.

Now, I want to excel and be at my best in both professional hats. Not only that, I also want to excel in my personal life as well, in both my family and personal endeavors. A tall order don't you think? I think so too but I believe that it is a good problem that can be cracked, with the right tool/s and mindset of course. As a result, I would like to share in these series the best practices I have learned so far with the hope that it could also help you as well in your own search for time management nirvana.

This is about the 6 time management tools from Julie Morgenstern. This is an excellent article written by Andre Kibbe of Tools for Thought where he summarized these 6 time management tools.

I have listed below these 6 tools to pick your interest as well.

1. Self-Assessment

- "What's keeping me from getting to them?"

2. Estimating how long a task will take

3. The 4 D's (Delete, Delay, Delegate, Diminish)

- I use these to manage my e-mail inbox. What a great help!

4. Develop a big-picture view

5. Time maps

- "It is a template of how we generally allocate our time during each day of a normal week."

6. Planner

- This is the "landscape" that holds everything you intend to do and when you intend to do it.

Click here to get the details about these 6 tools.

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