Aug 28, 2009

Time Management Tools for Busy Managers Part 2: Xobni for Outlook

According to research, by 2009, 41% of our time will be spent on managing e-mails. As a result, it makes sense that reducing the amount of time of managing our e-mail inboxes will already be a huge help for us to attend to other priorities.

This is where Xobni, a free(!) Outlook plugin, shines like a bright light amidst the daily deluge of emails. I have listed below some of the main features of Xobni which I find quite useful based on my experiences.

1. Email Analytics

  • This shows by ranks, graphs and statistics how you and your contacts use e-mail.
  • This is my favorite feature since for example, I can graphically see what time during the day my contact usually replies to my emails. This helps me know what is the best time to send an email to a contact and when to expect a reply.
2. Fast e-mail search

  • I am very fastidious in organizing my e-mails into specific folders. This helps me constantly achieve my target of retrieving an e-mail that I am searching in less than 2 minutes.
  • With Xobni, I can do away with my 2 minutes search criteria. I can search my e-mails in almost real-time speed. It is that fast! It begins showing the appropriate e-mail as I type the keyword/s. By the way, my PST file is more than 4GB in file size thus you can imagine the power of Xobni in searching e-mails.
3. Web Services Integration

  • Xobni allows you to integrate your Outlook to social networking sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook and web services such as Yahoo Mail and Skype.

You can learn more about Xobni by viewing the 3 demos below. You can download Xobni here. For updates, you can check out Xobni's blog.

Demo 1

Demo 2

Even Bill Gates demoed Xobni


  1. Dinski, I encountered a recent problem with my company e-mail (which uses a Gmail business e-mail service). I use the web interface instead of Outlook.

    Recently my Firefox would periodically crash and I realized it only happens whenever I'm using my company e-mail. I tried updating my Firefox to the recent version hoping it would solve the problem but it still happens.

    Any thoughts on what the problem may be? Thanks! :)

  2. Jonski, just like to confirm that you are using Firefox to read your company's emails via the Outlook Web Access. If this is indeed the case, I think the problem lies in your usage of Firefox itself. Outlook Web Access is optimized to run in IE 7 or 8 so that you could use all the available features. In other browsers, most features are supported but not all. With these said, I reckon this may be potentially the source of your periodic crashes. My initial advise is try using IE 7 or 8 {gasp} for the meantime and monitor if you will experience the same crashes in Firefox. I hope these helps.