Aug 29, 2009

Free Project Management Tools

Image from Microsoft Office Clipart

As project managers, we have used or currently using popular project management tools such as Microsoft Project and Visio and MindManager. But, what if your current company has limited licenses for these applications due to budget constraints or you recently joined a startup with no budget yet for these applications.

The answer to this problem are open-source project management tools. There are already a plethora of these tools but the ones I listed below are those that I used and found to be near or even challenges the features and performance of its commercial counterparts.

Project Scheduling and Management: Open Workbench

Diagramming: Dia

Mind Mapping: FreeMind


  1. It's great when there are templates out there that are free. Helps a lot especially to the beginners and those who wants to explore web tools first.

  2. It is very useful tool for Project Management and team collaboration. Thanks for sharing. We will like to use them for our company. We are working on many projects and facing some problem to manage project data. This tool is very helpful for us.