Aug 27, 2009

Twitter Tools

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I mentioned in my last post that I am using TweetDeck as my primary Twitter client. Now, I would like to share the other Twitter tools that I frequently use.

URL Shortener and Tracker has recently become my favorite URL shortener. I used TinyURL and before but my main concern was how to track the links I shared if they were being viewed. This is where shines because it tracks the number of visits to the trimmed URL and the visitor's location. I previously used Tweetburner but I find's interface more usable and friendly.

Twitter Statistics

I track my Twitter usage statistics through the following tools:

Twitter Grader: You can get here your overall "Twitter Grade" as well as learn the top 50 Filipino Twitterers.

Twitalyzer: This is the tool if you would like to know your relative influence, signal-to-noise ratio, generosity, velocity and clout to name a few.

Mr. Tweet: This tool acts as your personal networking agent by recommending relevant users to follow and improving your Twitter usage through relevant statistics.

Twitter Mobile

I own a Nokia e61i and I installed Twibble Mobile in it to track tweets when I am not in front of my PC. In my opinion, this is the best twitter client so far for S60-based phones.

If you want more tools, here are some links to illuminate your path towards Twitter nirvana.

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And here are 4 insightful tips on how to use and not to use Twitter.

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  1. WOW. I super learned a lot about Twitter stuff from your post. Ang dami-dami!Ü