Feb 19, 2009

Flickr Explore and FlickrLeech

FlickLeech Adobe Air application

Whenever I feel I am in a photographic rut, I always visit Flickr's Explore Page (or commonly known as Interestingness) to be inspired and bathe in the creative juices of fellow photographers worldwide. Unfortunately though, it was quite a chore to scroll through 50 pages of the day's top 500 images. What more if you plan to go through several days or even months worth of top images.

This is where FlickrLeech, created and maintained by Andrew Houser, is heaven sent. What it does is show in one page all of the top 500 images of the day. It was previously a web site but due to the strain brought about by loading 500 images (even if these were just small preview images), the server hosting the site brought it down.

As a result, Andrew converted FlickrLeech into a desktop application utilizing Adobe Air. You can download the program here or just visit FlickrLeech's site and get more information as well. Be aware though that the program is still in Alpha stage meaning you can encounter some errors while using it. In case you encounter one, you can send your feedback to Andrew's email address.

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