Feb 10, 2009

Health Energy Potion

I am surprised that it was only recently that somebody thought of creating an energy drink packaged similarly to the health potion used in the extremely popular video game, Diablo. I vividly remember more than 8 years ago, 2 days after Diablo II was officially released, that I bought the game and played for 4 consecutive days hacking my way through demon hordes and eventually defeating an Über-Diablo. I think I nearly busted my mouse and almost got carpal tunnel syndrome. It would have been nice if this health energy potion was already available back then!

The potion is being sold by ManaPotions and comes in 2 versions, the red health potion or the blue mana potion. It is claimed to contain as much "caffeine as 2 cans of red bull." Talk about punch! Click here for a review from the good folks of CrunchGear. Enjoy the funny video as well.

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